Features of Personal Trainer Marketing Agency Features of Personal Trainer Marketing Agency


Getting More By Spending Less- Is That Possible?

Personal Trainer Marketing can help your business reach the seven-digit growth you know your business is capable of achieving. Our multiple marketing strategies across platforms allow you to speed up business growth in the long-term.

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Do you have a one size fits all campaign?

Not at all. Our social media campaigns are 100% customized to suit the demands and requirements of your personal trainer website. We understand your needs and then design an online campaign that will give you desired results.

Is there any way that I can track the results of the campaign?

Of course there is! At our personal trainer marketing agency, we believe in transparency and accountability so as a well-deserving customer, you get full access to real-time reports and data that show you the direct impact the campaign has had on potential clients.

Who do I coordinate with for my project?

All of our clients have a mentor or a strategy expert assigned to work with them on their respective projects. Your mentor will be your one-stop point of communication for any project based requirement and is always at hand to be of assistance.

Track every lead and optimize your ad spend.

Wouldn't it be great to integrate all the tools (Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Console) you're already using? To track your leads and optimize ad spend all from a single platform?

Whether they come from online or the phone, our lead tracker connects every lead to its source. Build a database of contacts and track every activity on your website. See which campaigns are performing the best, and shift your marketing budget to invest in what works.

Drive more organic traffic and dominate the search engines.

It's time to take the guesswork out of SEO. The Personal Trainer Marketing platform uses data to reveal opportunities to increase your visibility within search engines.

Optimize your efforts to drive even more traffic. Our SEO site audit tool assesses your website and delivers actionable recommendations on what – and how – to improve.

Optimize your efforts to drive even more traffic. Our SEO site audit tool assesses your website and delivers actionable recommendations on what – and how – to improve.

Expand your social media presence quickly and effectively.

Social media is powerful, but you don't have hours to spend every day building your presence across multiple platforms.

 That's where we come in. Use the Personal Trainer Marketing platform to post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all from one place. It's social media management made simple. Save time by scheduling additional posts.

 You can even add call to actions to every post, which drive more traffic back to your website. Most importantly, assess your content performance to see which resonates with your audience!

Keep a close eye on competitors—and understand your audience like never before.

To influence your audience to become leads and clients, you have to figure out what's already influencing them now.

One of the best ways?

By turning to your competitors. The Business Marketing platform gives you all the data you need for extensive competitor research. Reverse engineer their strategies, keywords they're ranking (or paying) for, and backlinks pointing to their websites.

Adapt what your competitors are doing well to suit your and consumers’ unique needs. Stand above the pack and connect with your audience on a deeper level


Use a suite of powerful tools designed to help you grow.

A killer call-to-action grabs your audience's attention and turn them into leads. Our guideline booklet shows you the fundamentals to make your CTAs compelling. Customize messaging based on location, demographic, traffic source, and much more for precision targeting. No IT skills needed.

Welcome bars and lead forms, engineered to get noticed, influence more visitors to become hot leads. Want to optimize your website for engagement across the board? Try our professional templates for webpages, newsletters, or blog posts… even if you don't know how to code.


Simplify paid media campaign tracking.

How would you like to track every Google Adwords campaign effortlessly, whether it's search or display, retargeting or video?

The Business Marketing platform empowers you to do just that. Access your data from a single platform. See which campaigns are working well and which could be improved.

We also provide a custom URL builder to track every campaign in detail. And don't forget phone leads either; we have built-in call tracking for lead attribution, so every call is accounted for!


Increase visibility for local searches.

A BIA/Kelsey study found that 97% of consumers use the internet to research products and services locally. If you want to get them in your door, it's vital that you clear this first hurdle.

Personal training business marketing helps your business get listed accurately and consistently on local search engine results. We help you convey an image of professionalism while getting noticed by as many local searchers as possible.


Solve lead attribution, invest your ad spend with confidence.

We help you drive more traffic and turn them into leads. But we also help you truly understand your audience in a meaningful way.

The Personal Trainer Marketing platform helps you pinpoint the conversion path and address any obstacles along the way. Track your competitors' every move. See what they're doing to increase traffic, and adapt their strategies to stand above. Split test pages to track (and optimize) performance in real-time.

Build a proper attribution model with clear and comprehensive analytic data. Our platform accounts for every touch point and milestone. Forget about cross-device attribution scattered between multiple tools.

With a unified platform and vision, you can measure and improve your marketing with confidence.